Build-A-Bear Released A Christmas Story Bear

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Oh Fudge. Build-A-Bear just introduced one of the BEST bears I’ve ever seen them introduce — and I’ve seen them all!

This is NO deranged bunny rabbit! This is A Christmas Story, Build-A-Bear style, and I must have it!

I can’t help but call him Ralphie. He is so Christmassy Cute just as he is!

But, add those glasses and that bunny suit, and he’s PERFECT!

This cute, 16-inch bear is a Build-A-Bear Workshop ONLINE EXCLUSIVE, so of course that means you have to log in to the website to grab him while he’s available.

I keep calling this bear a HIM, but that’s because in MY world the bear is Ralphie. You could totally name it whatever you want, and it won’t have to be a HIM bear.

If you just want the super-cute bear, he (she?) will run you $29.00. It comes with plaid ears, an awesome red nose, A Christmas Story patch on its chest, a B-A-B patch on it’s paw, and plaid, A Christmas Story material on its feet.

If you want to add the iconic pink bunny suit and glasses to complete the look, you can get the bundle for $50.50.

All you need is a little frageelay leg lamp, and you have a complete gift for that A Christmas Story lover in your life!

Head on over to the Build-A-Bear website, and get this EXCLUSIVE bear before it sells out. I want it even more than an official Red Ryder, carbine action, 200-shot, range model air rifle, with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time!

Want to see another AWESOME bear from Build-A-Bear? Check out this Cousin Eddy inspired bear from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation!

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