This Deadpool Beauty And The Beast Parody Is AWESOME!

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You know what I was thinking about while I was watching the new Live Action Beauty and the Beast in the theater? Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a Deadpool parody of this. Okay, I didn’t actually think that, but Thank Goodness this guy did! Deadpool is MADE for musicals. I had no idea before I saw this, but now that I have, I’ll never be able to unsee it. Which, usually is a bad thing, but in this It Is Awesome. Take a look!

The truth is Deadpool is more Gastony than Gaston. And who knew he could sing!? So yeah, this is a bit NSFW and ya might want to watch it with headphones before sharing it with Grandma, but this changed my life. Oh, and…watch your back, sugar.

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