You Can Take A Virtual Ride On Disney’s Big Thunder Mountain And It Is Epic

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We just can’t get enough Disney around these parts.

Whether it’s remaking the food of Disney World, going on virtual ride throughs with guests to the parks, listening to a Disney podcast, or even spending all the money on everything Disney, it’s definitely an obsession.

Now, we have ONE MORE thing to be obsessed with.

This virtual ride through of Big Thunder Mountain is a video actually put out by Disney, so not only is it a good quality picture, you get all kinds of antidotal pop up information along the way.

Courtesy of Disney Parks

Like, did you know that the city on the “Mountain” that you are flying through has a name? Duh, it’s Disney. They wouldn’t miss the details! It’s called Tumbleweed, and it’s inspired by Monument Valley in Arizona.

Also, all the trains are named. Obviously, they would be. Ha! They have names like U.B. Bold and U.R. Daring. I love it!

The songs that you hear while on the ride were recorded by actual instruments you would have heard in the 1880s. It’s only authentic action with Disney!

You will TOTALLY feel like you are on the ride, as it makes its clickity-clackity trip on the rails.

I dare you not to move your head and body around the turns! Ha!

What other rides do you HOPE they do this with?

See the entire Big Thunder Mountain adventure, below.

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