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Cardi B Bought Her Three-Year-Old Daughter A $150,000 Necklace For Her Birthday And I’m Just A Little Jealous

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Celebrities — they don’t really live in the real world, do they?

Take Cardi B. She likes to spoil her daughter — that’s cool, who doesn’t.

Only, when SHE spoils her daughter, she gives her RIDICULOUSLY Stupid Expensive gifts.

Let’s start with what she did for her daughter, Kulture’s, 3rd birthday. She was turning THREE, y’all.

Not only were there luxurious, over the top gifts, but there was a horse-drawn carriage, balloons galore, all the Disney Princesses on display, a petting zoo, a party greeter dressed as Princess Tianaand a fairytale-themed cake — and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

My wedding wasn’t this nice.

On the night of the big birthday party extravaganza Kulture’s dad, Offset, gave her a very special present — a $250,000 watch from the luxury brand Richard Millie.

She’s three.

That would pay off my mortgage!

Okay, but there was more than a ridiculously expensive watch. Cardi B got her THREE YEAR OLD a $150,000 diamond charm necklace by Elliot Eliantte.

The necklace DID have Minnie Mouse on it *eye roll* so I guess you could consider it age appropriate.

I mean, good for her. She is allowed to do whatever she wants with her money, and if she wants to spend it spoiling her child, more power to her.

Meanwhile, I’ll be over here buying my daughter a $10 watch from Walmart and a $7 necklace from Claire’s. Ha!

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