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I’m Currently Waiting For My COVID-19 Test Results To Come Back and Here’s What I Want You To Know

Last week I was on a cruise ship, and yesterday I had a cough, shortness of breath and a fever.

I went to my family doctor, and after ruling out strep and the flu, I was given one of his only five COVID-19 tests.

These test results aren’t immediate like the flu or strep. They have to be sent off to a lab and we have to wait for my results.

The turnaround is supposed to be 24 hours but because of the backup right now, my doctor informed me that it would more likely be 3-5 days before we heard anything.

In the meantime, I’ve had to go in sort of a quarantine inside a quarantine while I wait to hear back.

You see, I’m the only person in my house so far presenting with any symptoms.

It is possible, if we are careful, that we can keep this contained if my test actually does come back positive.

My family is free to go about the house, but I’m stuck in my bedroom while my husband is sleeping on the couch.

The thing is, we hadn’t really prepared for the possibility of a quarantine from one another, and we are quickly learning that we should have stocked up on some extra supplies just to be ready.

What do you need in your house while you’re waiting on the results of your coronavirus test?

You need two thermometers. I know they are in short supply right now, so try and grab one if you see it.

Not only do I have to monitor my temperature, but now my family is having to monitor theirs as well.

We can’t be swapping the thermometer back and forth between each other, because even though we have those little thermometer covers, the less stuff we come into the same contact with, the better.

You also need plasticware, paper napkins, bowls, and plates. I know, this one sounds weird, but let me explain…

My husband is dropping off food into my bedroom because I was advised not to go out and walk around in the kitchen where everyone gets all their food from.

When I’m finished eating I can either, throw all my disposable dishes in the trash, or I can hand them dirty dishes back to him for him to wash.

I tried washing them out in the bathroom sink, but I’m just going to be real with you, that was a nightmare.

When we started using paper and plastic it got much easier.

Now he hands me the stuff, and I just throw it in my trash bag. Instead of him being expose to my dirty dishes, all he has to do is grab a trash bag from beside the door and take it straight to the trash. Wash his hands, and he’s (hopefully) good.

You need a comfy chair and a bed. Dude. Trust me in this one. Just find a comfortable chair somewhere and get it into that room as soon as possible.

You’re about to be spending a lot of time alone, and you can’t spend it all in the bed. The chair will be your saving grace. A place that your animals don’t need to go.

You see, you can’t be touching your kitties and puppets and then letting them run off with your germs all over them to let the rest of your family let them too.

So, you’re going to need to be behind closed doors away from the animals. And that sucks. I really miss my pup.

You’re also going to need laptops, chargers, and something to do.

You might be the kind of person that’s really great alone with their thoughts.

I’ve worked from home for seven years.

I’m awesome at being by myself, but the added extra stress of not knowing if I have this thing everyone in the world is talking about right now has added a new level of stress for me.

I’m watching a lot of fun Netflix, and trying not to go too nuts.

Really it isn’t too bad to be all alone, just kind of freaky, because nothing like this has ever happened.

Your big goal is just to keep yourself contained in your area while your family stays contained in theirs.

Good luck, I’m here if you need to talk. 🙂

Patricia caratasios

Sunday 5th of April 2020

Bone sick from March 10 my tep is around in the months to one hundred I still have to take care of my parents one has ms my dad is almost 93 what can I do