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You Can Create Your Own Hogwarts Cookie Castle So, Accio it To Me

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Sure, making gingerbread houses is a fun tradition…

But, why would you settle for plain ol’ gingerbread houses when you can create your own Hogwarts Cookie Castle?!?


Accio this Hogwarts Cookie Castle Kit into our eager little holiday hands, right?!?

Now, this is a 2D Cookie Castle, so there’s no standing it up and trying to get it to stick together.


And, y’all. There’s no baking needed!!

This Hogwarts Cookie Castle Kit comes with several pre-made icings, assorted candies, and pre-baked cookies.

That’s great for me!! #notabaker


Get this — not only do you get to decorate the 2D Hogwarts Cookie Castle, this kit comes with cookie versions of Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

Seriously, this Cookie Kit is a MUST for any Harry Potter fan.


And, the entire Hogwarts Cookie Castle Kit is only $7.50 right now!!

This would be such a fun after-Thanksgiving-meal activity.

To get your own Hogwarts Cookie Castle Kit, head on over to the Walmart website.


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