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These Emotional Support Chicken Nuggets Are The Cutest Gift For The Person Who Needs A Little TLC

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There are just some times in life when you just need a little emotional support.

Sure you could get a live animal for emotional support, but they are so high maintenance, right?!?


Enter the Emotional Support Chicken Nuggets!!

Aren’t they adorable?!?


These soft and squishy nuggies come in a set of five, and each one represents a different emotion.

They can be taken out of their little bed, and moved around depending on your mood.


Why add one nugget of joy in your life when you can add five? These cuddly plush nuggets take your favorite comfort food to the next level.


These Emotional Support Chicken Nuggets would make the perfect holiday gift for all ages.

OR — wouldn’t these be totally cute to give to your BFF who’s in school to be a therapist?

So Sweet!!!


This set of Emotional Support Chicken Nuggets runs $15.

To get your own set of Emotional Support Chicken Nuggets, head on over to the Walmart website.


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