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People Are Turning Toilet Paper Rolls Into Pumpkins. Here’s How To Do It.

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If you’re craving for pumpkins that last all year long, crafting the fruit instead of freshly picked from a farm will do just the trick. 

Starting with a few rolls of toilet paper, orange felt and cinnamon sticks, you can make pumpkins to place around the house without having to worry about any of them rotting. 

Courtesy of @bookparty_

Unravel your toilet paper and re-wrap, giving the toilet paper roll a fluffier look to start. 

Courtesy of @smartschoolhouse

Grab your orange, black or dotted Halloween patterns and wrap them the fabric around the toilet paper rolls starting from the center, and then outwards. 

Stuff back in the center at the bottom; you can use hot glue to keep everything in place.

Courtesy of @bookparty_

Use a small cinnamon stick as the stem to replicate as if the pumpkin was just picked off the vine, and to fill the space in your house with a nice autumn smell!

Grab fake leaves from the Dollar Store to hot glue at the top and you’re finished!

Courtesy of @bookparty_

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