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You Can Get A Huge Garden Dome So You Can Glamp In Your Own Backyard

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I love the night sky and looking up at the stars, but I hate mosquitos. Imagine having your own glass dome observatory in your own yard!


Well, you totally can and this one is going on my wish list for sure! Whether you want to camp out with an unhindered view of the stars, or just chill in a protected environment outside, this is multi-purpose!


You could use it for glamping, working, reading, an art studio, and even a private oasis! The dome is actually designed to work as a greenhouse, so you can grow your own food in there too!

This geodesic dome is super cool! The Garden Dome Igloo is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors.


It’s made from non-corrosive, 100% recyclable PVC and PA6 materials which lets you have a clear view of the beautiful sky night and day!

The base of the dome is 107 feet and the dome has a center height of 7 feet and 2 inches.

Irene Garcia – Amazon reviewer

We bought one after we went to the Watergate hotel and rented one of their igloos for the evening. Last year, we set it up in our front yard in DC and this year, we just moved it to our backyard in Williamsburg. The setup is a little time-consuming the first time, maybe less than 2 hours. The second time, it was less than 30 minutes. We absolutely love it for the winter. I really have enjoyed our garden Igloo.

Irene Garcia – Amazon reviewer
Irene Garcia – Amazon reviewer

I was worried about airflow, but they say it is designed in a way that maximizes airflow. This will keep is a nice uniform temperature inside, but you could also place some fans in there too.


It’s made to be wind and snow resistant so that it can be used all year long. Imagine just laying in this as the snow falls around you, how relaxing!

Chef Jon – Amazon reviewer

Not only is this going on my wishlist, I’m moving it to the top! These Texas mosquitos are no joke and I want to spend more time outside relaxing in the evenings.

You can buy your Garden Dome Igloo on Amazon! What would you use this space for at your home?

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