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You Can Get Katy Perry Peeps Sandals That Make Your Feet Smell Like Peeps Marshmallows

Y’all! You can get the CUTEST Peeps Geli Sandals from Macy’s as part of Katy Perry’s line of shoes, and you’re going to want them in every color!

Just in time for spring — and of course, Easter — these colorful Peeps Geli Sandals are just the vibe you need for that warmer weather.

We’ll get to what they look like in a second. I can’t wait to tell you my absolute favorite thing about these shoes.

Okay, check this out, these shoes are scented! Gah!!

Peeps Bunny Geli sandals stand out from the rest with a snazzy toe post bunny ornament and a scented footbed.


Leave it to Katy Perry, right?!? This doesn’t surprise me in the least coming from the chick who sports over-the-top outfits and crazy cool hairstyles.

These Peeps scented Geli Sandals are so stinkin’ cute!

They have a flat heel, and buckle closure — so they stay put as you’re flip-flopping around town.

But, the star of the show — or “‘shoe” as the case may be — is undoubtedly the glitter Peep toe post.

Adorable, right?!?

You can get these Peeps Geli Sandals in THREE different colors, and I’m gonna need them all.

They run $59 a pair, which is such a great price for a celebrity shoe!

To get your own pair of Katy Perry Peeps Geli Sandals, just head on over to the Macy’s website.