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This Guy Shared The Reason Why McDonald’s Sprite Seems to Taste So Much Better

If you’ve ever bought a drink at McDonald’s to wash down the quarter pounder with bacon and cheese chances are, you’ve chosen a Sprite at some point with your meal.

Courtesy of @mcdonalds

And while a quarter pounder with all of the fixings and a side of fries does sound good, we’re not here to talk about the food but rather the drink that has everyone and their grandma so fixated on.

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Enter: The McDonald’s Sprite.

Courtesy of McDonald’s

After taking one sip of the famous drink, fans of the carbonated beverage have said that the golden arches’ Sprite is incomparable to the cans you can get from the grocery store or in any other restaurant.

Courtesy of @thepitmacster

And if you don’t believe me, check social media for your proof, considering there are hundreds of thousands of comments raving about the current soda.

The one question everyone is asking: Why does the McDonald’s Sprite taste so much better than the rest of its competition?

Thanks to TikToker @jordan_the_stallion8, we now know the inside secret to the infamous McDonald’s Sprite.

Apparently, the fast food chain switches out the Sprite with four separate filter wires and pre-chills the filtered water before mixing in the Sprite syrup for a fresher taste.

But here’s the crazy part, Mickey D’s also went ahead to hire a sensory scientist, that’s right, a sensory scientist who figured out that the same salt that’s added to the fries enhances the taste of the Sprite too!

Courtesy of McDonald’s

@jordan_the_stallion8 says to try the Sprite with a side fries and then without, and you’ll notice a major difference in taste.

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Who knew that the golden arches’ fries was the answer to all.

Courtesy of McDonald’s