How to Make Paper Towel Face Masks

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We are trying to cover as many options as we can for everyone when it comes to face masks. It has been recommended by the CDC to wear a face mask when you leave your home.

Finding real face masks is nearly impossible and our healthcare workers are even short. So we need to make our own and make it with whatever materials we have available.

You can make them from t-shirts, leggings, fabric, bandanas, and even underwear. Yes, underwear.

We also wanted to give you some disposable options, so behold the paper towel and blue shop towel masks!

While this may not be the most ideal option, you can make a disposable face mask from paper towels! I would say this would be more to keep you or your child from touching your mouth with dirty hands while out. Throw it away afterward.

Here is another that uses a technique that is a bit different. It also has more layers.

Blue shop towels have been said to have better filtering than other materials, so it makes sense that they would do better than a regular paper towel mask. Better filtering makes this a much better option!

Here is another with the blue shop towels as well. All of these are super simple!

All of these are super simple to make and many of you have the items on hand to do so.

Like I said, not the best option, but better than nothing. Stay home as much as you can and try to wear a mask if you must go out.

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