Here’s Why You Should Return To Work As Soon As You Can Even If Unemployment Pays More

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I am about to get kinda of controversial up in here.

You know how you are currently drawing unemployment, but you are soon going to have the opportunity to make the decision to go back to work? I’m here to say — you should totally consider going back to work!

But, you are thinking, “Uh — going back to work would actually be a pay CUT. So, No thank you.”

You are correct, but let’s think BIG PICTURE here for a moment.

That temporary windfall you are getting from unemployment runs out on July 31st. It doesn’t just run out for you — it runs out for EVERYONE.

Most likely, your place of employment will have filled your position by that time, since you decided to take the route of unemployment. That means you will, legit, be unemployed.

So, all those people who were drawing that unemployment from the government are going to be in the same pool of people looking for a job, come August 1st.

That’s a LOT of people, for not a lot of jobs — remember, the jobs were filled by the people who went the route of going back to work instead of staying unemployed.

You’re looking at a GIANT rush of people at one time, trying to vie for jobs.

Not just that — you may lose your health benefits at your current job. I was dumb enough to go that route, once. It was the most stupid decision I have ever made. It was at the point when I had NO insurance, my body decided to give out. Don’t be like me.

The decision whether to return to work, or stay at home amongst the threat of COVID-19, is a BIG decision. I know, we are having to make the same decision in our family right now.

But, think of the LONG TERM effects that your decision will have. Sure, it’s nice to stay home and draw a big ol’ paycheck for FREE, but that is going to end, and that ending will come quicker than you think possible.

Stay smart, America.

P.S. Yes, I realize it isn’t easy for everyone to head to work any time soon, this is just for those that may have the opportunity to head back to work soon but are considering staying on unemployment instead.

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