You Can Get A Giant Mermaid Tail Sprinkler and I’m Swimming With Joy

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OMG, this is the cutest sprinkler for kids, just in time to pick up for the Summer season!

Courtesy of Walmart

It’s not quite summer yet, but lately it’s been feeling like it is and I have a feeling, it’s going to be a hot one!

Courtesy of Walmart

But that’s okay, because we have water toys to show you such as this one, that will keep your summer running smoothly and cool as possible!

Courtesy of Walmart

Now this sprinkler is sold at Walmart, and it’s called the Mermaid Tail Sprinkler because well, it looks like a Mermaid’s Tail!

With light and dark blue colors, the end of the tail is where all the fun begins. The water is supposed to spray a gentle mist so it’s not to harsh when it comes to the little ones, but just enough water to keep them cool too!

Courtesy of Walmart

For $24, you can buy this mermaid tail sprinkler to beat the heat and keep summer fun!

Our ombre ocean-blue Mermaid Tail sprays a gentle mist from the center of its scalloped tail to keep splashing youngsters cool and happy during backyard play. Add water to chambers underneath the base for added stability. Inflation required.


Just between you and I, I would have loved this as a kid, my cousin and I used to pretend we were mermaids when were little all of the time when we swam in her pool!


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