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20 Free Printable Cool-Kid Temporary Tattoos

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When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up so fast. And now that I’m grown (mostly) I would do anything to be a kid again. I think these 20 Free Printable Cool-Kid Temporary Tattoos do a great job of straddling both worlds: your kids will feel just a little older with them on, and you’ll get to be a kid again as you play. Have fun!


To print any of these awesome tattoos, you can find the printable tattoo paper here. When I’m printing quite a few for parties, I use my Silhouette to make all that cutting SOOO much easier.

20 Free Printable Cool-Kid Tattoos:

  1. These My Little Pony Cutie Marks couldn’t be cuter if they tried (download the printable here).
  2. Even Popeye would be jealous of these awesome Nautical Tattoos.
  3. Slytherin? Hufflepuff? Ravenclaw? Gryffindor? No one will question your house loyalty with these Hogwart’s House Badges with their downloadable printable.
  4. If you like Dr. Seuss, you’ll love these Green Eggs and Ham and Cat-in-the-Hat tattoos.
  5. Your kids will show hard-core mom love with these Mother’s Day “MOM” Tattoos (download the printable here).
  6. Don’t leave dad hanging! Instead of a tie, make dad proud with these Father’s Day “DAD” Tattoos (download the printable here).
  7. C’mon, you know you want these Balloon Dogs, Paper Airplanes and Brontasaurus-es-es temporary tattoos.
  8. Excuse me, sir? My Finger Mustaches mustache you a question.
  9. Your minions will feel Gru-vy with these Despicable Me 2 tattoos (download the printable here).
  10. It’s hard to pick a favorite with this you name it set–including:Llama, Pug, Watermelon and more (Download the printable here). free-printable-tattoos-700
  11. I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream Cone tattoos!
  12. Be lucky with the Irish this St. Patty’s Day with these St. Patty’s Day Shamrocks (download the printable here).
  13. These Crafter Sillies will show the world that you DIY with pride.
  14. Pretty Love-ly tattoos with the downloadable printable here show that love is in the air all year round.
  15. Safety tattoos for those crazy-crowded amusement parks and zoos.
  16. Ahoy, Maties! This is the Nautical Fun Set Sponge Bob has been waiting for!
  17. Conversation Hearts...for when your kids want to say “Be Mine” without saying the words.
  18. Retro is in, and this Giant Retro Rose will show everyone just how ‘in’ your kids are!
  19. This Big-Boy Tattoo set (download the printable here) includes the kind of art usually reserved for the professionals.
  20. Sometimes you can’t decide which temporary tattoo is right for you, and with this Owl, Lizard, Butterfly, Balloons and more combo pack, you won’t have to!

So there you have it! 20 Free Printable Cool-Kid Tattoos that will show all the other kids how cool your kid really is.

*This post contains affiliate links.

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