Taxidermists Are Turning Deer Butts Into Sasquatch Heads And I Can’t Stop Laughing

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I know some people don’t like Taxidermy, I happen to think it’s pretty cool. Would I actually do the job myself? No, but I appreciate the work and skill that goes into it.

My family has always hunted, mounting a deer head after a hunt was a normal thing in our family. But what happens to the other parts, like… you know… maybe the butt?

Well, in the past that thought never crossed my mind, but yesterday I learned that there are Taxidermists that are taking the butts and turning them into Sasquatch heads.



They are calling them “ASSquatch” and y’all… I have been laughing non-stop over this.


I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life! This is the sort of pandemic entertainment that I need! Enough of the stress, more “ASSquatch” please!


Would I pay for one of this to hang in my home? You betcha! This is a conversation piece like no other and I would love to have one!


Is it weird? Absolutely! Even more reason to get yourself one! I know some of you are probably against hunting, but that is how many people feed their families. This is putting the rest of the deer to good use!


I hope one of my hunting friends or family will take this brilliant idea and make it happen for me!


Take a break from the gloom and doom going on in the world right now and laugh. Then share with a friend so they can laugh too! We all need more of that these days!


Check out this wonderful TikTok a friend sent me to see more of this awesomeness! I’m adding “ASSsquatch” to my birthday wishlist!


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