You Can Get Metal Chickens To Decorate Your Lawn With And I Want A Set

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Decorating your yard makes a statement. It shows off your personality and tells the neighbors you’ve got it goin’ on.

Freshly cut grass in the backyard of a private house.

With that being said, there’s a set of metal chickens you can buy for your front lawn if you have a chicken farm or if they’re simply your favorite farm animal.

Courtesy of @GardenMetalArt

Each chicken will brilliantly bring a touch of summer to the dead of winter even if it is snowing outside with 5 feet of snow laying on the ground!

Courtesy of @GardenMetalArt

Handmade by the seller @GardenMetalArt, each chicken is specialized to act like real chickens running in your yard to bring some fun in a snowy yard or paired with the bright green grass in the spring.

Courtesy of @GardenMetalArt

Each chicken is complete with a metal stake to place in the ground to steady your chickens around the yard for your preferred look and as a bonus, you can even hang them on the walls as a decorative piece in your home or on the trunk of a tree!

Courtesy of @GardenMetalArt

Depending on how you place each chicken, it may or may not look like you have chickens on the loose!

Just make sure you your chickens don’t cross the road, wink wink.

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