You Can Get Two Naughty Elves to Replace Your Elf on the Shelf, and They Are So Much More Fun.

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Who said kids have to have all the fun?

It’s almost time to bust out Elf The Shelf and you might be dreading it but seriously, if you haven’t bought an elf for yourself yet, drop what you are doing and order this naught elves now!

Yes, You Can Get Two Naughty Elves to Replace Your Elf on the Shelf, and They Are So Much More Fun!

These Naughty Elves are sold on Amazon and come in a pair of two – a girl and a boy.

Let your really naughty side coming out with these fantastic naughty elves, Inside the box you will receive 2 30cm plush body hard face naughty elves dressed in black. Why should kids have all the fun? Have hours of fun displaying the naughty elves doing dirty tricks, gambling, drinking and doing generally naughty things. Upload all your images to social media to let everyone know naughty elves aren’t just for children. Push the boundaries of your imagination and create a new scene every day!!

Once you’ve put the kids to bed for the night, bust these naughty elves out and give your significant other something to laugh at come morning…

The funny thing is, parents are buying these for their kids instead of the original Elf on The Shelf because these are much cheaper.

I mean, kids probably will never tell a difference (besides the fact they are dressed in black instead of red). Just say Santa changed the Elves work attire! HA.

I just ordered these for myself so my husband and I can have some adult fun and humor.

I can almost guarantee if you do the same, you won’t regret it!

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