Bees Have Been Declared The Most Important Thing On The Planet

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Yes, bees hurt when they sting, but they are also THE most important living thing on the planet according to the Royal Geographical Society of London.

One of the things we know to be true about bees is that they are on their way to extinction because they don’t have anywhere to LAND. They don’t have flowers to pollenate, or places to live.

There are a lot of crazy different theories that people have come up with as to why the bees are dying. Some say that it’s because of the waves our cell phones transmit through the air, and others say that it’s global warming.

What we do know for sure is that there are just less plants, and since bees travel from plant to plant, that is a huge factor in them dying out.

What Can We Do To Save The Bees?

There’s a rumor that has gone around saying you should leave a spoonful of sugar out to save the bees, but that is NOT true. That’s just a quick fix and won’t actually help them in the long run.

You can plant flowers to help save the bees.

YES! This is such a good thing because not only does planting flowers save the bees, it also makes your house extra pretty.

Go organic!

Not only is organic good for you, but organic is ALSO good for the bees. The less pesticides, the better. Pesticides kill bees, and they aren’t so great for us human types, either.

It’s kind of neat to think those little creatures have so much importance.

Yaay Bees!

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