This Buddy The Elf Wreath Is Here To Spread Some Christmas Cheer!

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Buddy the Elf … I know him!

I was all smiles when I found this Buddy the Elf Wreath from CustomDesignPress on Etsy.

Via Etsy

There’s nothing that brings Christmas cheer more than singing loud for all to hear … and Buddy the Elf to greet you at the door!

And, greet you he definitely will! Keep in mind, this isn’t so much a nice little Christmas wreath, as it is a full on Elf-Sized experience.

It’s almost like he’s screaming SANTA! at you!!

This festive wreath is handmade and made to order. It is approximately 18 to 26 inches in diameter, and SHIPS FOR FREE in the U.S.

Via Etsy

Elf, the movie is endlessly quotable and full of whimsy and Will Ferrell (Buddy Elf) charm.

It has been EIGHTEEN years since this WORLD’S BEST Christmas favorite hit the theaters, and its popularity isn’t slowing down.

With watch parties complete with syrup-filled spaghetti, to paper snowflake making, to drinking games, Elf is a treasure to watch … and rewatch … each year.

Via Etsy

And you know, we all have that one friend who is just like Buddy the Elf … and that friend is me.

There’s room for everyone on the nice list! Make sure you secure your spot in Buddy the Elf style with this ginormous door wreath!!

Don’t wait to order yours! Since it is custom made, it may take up to 4 weeks before it ships. You can order your Buddy The Elf Wreath Here.

Want to be like Buddy Elf, and spread even more holiday cheer? Check out this article on How To Spread Holiday Cheer.

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