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Tired Of Normal Gingerbread Houses? Try These Charcuterie Chalets!

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It has always been a holiday tradition to make gingerbread houses. Well actually, I never got to make them as a kid. But I started making them with my niece and now my own children.

Not to sound ungrateful or anything, but I always thought it would be more exciting than it actually was. And the amount of sugar that you’re supposed to leave out on display is a little concerning…ants anyone?

But I have just discovered the latest and greatest which is far more exciting to us adults than a block of sugar. Say goodbye to gingerbread houses, and hello to Charcuterie Chalets!


Oh yes, this is a thing. The only problem is that it won’t last long, because I would totally eat it. But hey, you get to enjoy putting it together AND eating it! This would be SO ideal for a Christmas party. Talk about a conversation piece!


Charcuterie chalets are meat and cheese boards of the holiday. Instead of cookies and candy, you build your house out of delicious cold cuts, breadsticks, crackers, veggies, and cheese. You really can’t go wrong.


These are PHENOMINAL and I want them all in my life AND in my belly. Screw gingerbread houses. These Charcuterie Chalets are speaking my love language here. Now I just have to figure out how to make them just as pretty.


I think it’s safe to say, you can’t go without one of these this year. Comment below and tell us what is the best kind of food to add to one of these Charcuterie Chalets!


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