Staples Will Laminate Your Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card For Free

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Have you thought about getting that COVID vaccination card laminated?

Did you know you can get it done for FREE??

If you have gone to get your COVID-19 vaccine, you have inevitably received one of those coveted vaccination record cards.

Those things are like gold right now, buddy!!

In fact, I’d venture to say the FOUR most coveted pieces of paper you own are your social security card, your birth certificate, your passport, and your COVID vaccination card.

There are SOME things — like your social security card — that are not ever supposed to ever be laminated.

BUT, as far as we know right now, you can totally get your COVID vaccination card laminated!!

This will save it from little spills and all that wear and tear that sometimes happens to important documents.

Staples — yes, the office supply store — is offering to laminate those COVID vaccination record cards for FREE!!

WBZ CBS Boston News

Now, this isn’t a deal that is going to last forever.

A Staples spokesperson confirmed all locations will honor the in-store deal until May 1.

News 6 Orlando

That means you have a little over a month to get both sets of the vaccine, and then head to your local Staples to get that protective coating put on your vaccination record for FREE!

To take part in this awesome offer, any COVID vaccinated individuals will need to head on over to Staples with their vaccination card.

Take it to the printing area in the store, and flash them that card.

This free lamination offer is good for ONE free lamination per guest, so if you have friends or family that want to take part in this deal, they need to actually go with you.

Now, if you are worried that you will eventually need to get a booster shot, and therefore use the card again, you can make a copy of your card, and get THAT laminated.

Keep the ORIGINAL safe in your records, and then carry that laminated copy with you.

There is a bit of a caveat to that statement.

There are some places that will give you FREE THINGS for flashing your vaccination card — like KRISPY KREME — and they do require the ORIGINAL vaccination card.

Just keep that in mind *Winky Emoji*

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