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Paris Hilton And Jojo Siwa Raided Each Other’s Closet And The Results Are Epic

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So, Paris Hilton and Jojo Siwa hung out for a Sister life swap, and the results were EPIC. That’s So Hot.

Paris teased the colab on her Instagram and TikTok pages — and the payoff for the wait didn’t disappoint. The Paris / Jojo Closet Raid was for TikTok Fashion Month, because you can’t find more unique styles than Paris and Jojo — although they are COMPLETELY different and unique in their own way!


For her makeover, Jojo Siwa Style, Paris wore a pink blue and white statement piece shirt, with a fun shredded multi color skirt, and bright pink bootie shoes.

Courtesy of @parishilton on TikTok

For her makeUNDER, Paris Hilton Style, Jojo wore a very chic light pink skirt suit, carried a small pink handbag, and wore light pink heels. Of course, she didn’t miss the opportunity to match one of her signature Jojo Siwa bows with the outfit.

Courtesy of @itsjojosiwa on TikTok

They both looked SO HOT in their “new looks,” and although neither one will be permanently switching styles anytime soon, it was fun to see this quirky colab for a brief moment!


After the venture in fashion, Paris and Jojo took the time to do a couple fun posts. In one, Paris jokes, “When you think you match your car …”, as she stands in a stunning iridescent sequin dress, next to her iridescent BMW i8 Roadster.

Then the video flips to Jojo in front of HER custom Tesla design, that you have to see to believe. Paris captioned the video, “… But then Jojo Siwa comes over.” Ha!


In another video, Jojo is in her car, and Paris is standing outside, looking in Jojo’s driver side mirror.

“Never pass a mirror without looking in it,” Paris says as she is subtly striking poses into said mirror. Then Jojo rolls down her car window and says, “That’s Hot.” LOL!


In yet ANOTHER Paris Hilton TikTok video, the pair does another fun quick outfit swap video (wearing the same outfits mentioned above).


Who wore it best? Me or @itsjojosiwa ? ##ThatsHot ?????‍♀️?

♬ #violintransition – Zachfromdisney

It was so fun to see both ladies wearing outfits that don’t fit into either one of their norms!

Courtesy of @parishilton on TikTok

Did you see the time that Jojo Siwa got to babysit North West? You’ve never seen a more fun babysitter!

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