JoJo Siwa Babysat North West, and Made The Biggest Mess Ever

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Youtube star JoJo Siwa babysat North West, and basically it looked like the most fun any kid could ever have. If you aren’t living under a rock, you know that Youtuber JoJo Siwa is a giant bow wearing glitter loving teenager that every little girl wants to be.

I mean, she even has her own face on a lunchbox. (You can get your own JoJo Siwa face lunchbox here.)

That’s goals right there.

Well, Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North is a JoJo super fan, so naturally she asked JoJo to babysit her, and of course she agreed.

Because, like, what teenage girl wouldn’t want to babysit Kim Kardashian’s kid?

Now, in case that video and the way the camera moved caused you such great stress that you couldn’t get through it, don’t worry, because I watched it for you, and you guys are going to love me because I will fill you in on ALL the important details.

So, North showed up to JoJo’s house with unicorn hair a rainbow tutu that would make Carrie Bradshaw jealous, and the fun was ON.

So, Kim dropped off Northy, and made sure that she knew if she got overwhelmed she could call her mom at any time, but she doesn’t know her mom’s phone number just her phone password. And she tells the whole world.

The KUWTK crew was left to film with North.

But Kim still wants her to know she can call, because like, this is some scary stuff right here.

Who keeps headless mannequins in their foyer?

So, JoJo showed North her room, which has a SLIDE in it.

And she got to pick a bow from JoJo’s own personal bow collection. She decided to go double bows.

Which I respect. North is adorable in double bows.

They played hide and seek.

North hid behind a larger than life pillow of JoJo, because everyone has a pillow of themselves around the house.

JoJo and North make slime in what might be the best way I have ever seen slime made. North spills half the glitter on the floor without even blinking an eye.

And just when you think she’s done, Northy goes in for EVEN MORE GLITTER. YES, GIRL!

Now THAT is how you make slime.

They cooled off after with some JoJo juice. Which, I don’t even know what that is all about.

Then they throw down on a little dance party. I always forget that JoJo started out on dance moms.

And then North does some light car modeling.

JoJo is only 15, but she’s already got a unicorn car, so I am not sure what I am doing with my life. But then again, babysitting North West isn’t her only after school job.

After that North goes and gets some prizes out of JoJo’s claw machine.

Then Kim shows back up to get North (who I am convinced is one of the sweetest people on the planet after watching this) and they all flip their hair a little in that weird way people do when they don’t want to mess up their adorable and awesome blowout.

And then JoJo gifted North tickets to her concert that’s coming up and North goes WILD.

I am really really hoping that she convinces her dad to go with her, because I’d pay money to watch bored Kanye at a JoJo Siwa concert.

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