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You Can Get A Madame Leota Popcorn Bucket Just In Time For The ‘Haunted Mansion’ Movie Release

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Something wicked cool has just materialized at movie theaters, and you’re gonna want to pay attention…

Just in time for the new Haunted Mansion movie, Madame Leota popcorn buckets have dropped into Cinemark Movie Theaters, and they are awesome.

That just sealed the deal on what theatre — where I’m going — to watch Haunted Mansion!

Madame Leota Popcorn Bucket at Cinemark Theatres

This new must-have popcorn bucket features Madame Leota’s blue “crystal” ball, with a big ol’ picture of her face painted on the front of the bucket in white.

If you turn the orb around, you will notice the Haunted Mansion logo below the Disney emblem, and the words “only in theatres” printed below that.

But, wait. The coolest part of the whole thing is that this Madame Leota popcorn bucket lights up!

I mean, COME ON!! You have to have it, right?

Now, the bad news is that this Madame Leota popcorn bucket isn’t necessarily at every Cinemark Theatre.

You’re going to want to call your local Cinemark to make sure they are selling the much coveted popcorn bucket.

Word is, these Madame Leota popcorn buckets are $20 without the popcorn.

Worth it!!

There is, of course, an additional cost if you want to fill it up with popcorn.

The Haunted Mansion film drops into theaters July 28, 2023 — but you might want to snag your popcorn bucket before it comes out.

You know full well they are going to sell smack out of the Madame Leota popcorn buckets before the movie even comes out.

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