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You Can Get Salted Caramel Lay’s Potato Chips And I Have To Try Them

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I love potato chips and I love salted caramel, but I have never imagined combining the two until now. Lay’s has a new chip flavor that does just that!


The Lay’s Salted Caramel chips sound crazy, but there have been so many crazy sounding flavors that were SO tasty when I actually tried them. So you better believe I will be trying these as well!


I mean, how many of you were like Ewww Chicken & Waffles? But then you had one and you were like OH MY GOSH, that is SO GOOD! I mean, that is how I think it went.


Anyhow chips are salty, salty caramel is good and those two together sound like a pretty awesome plan to me. Crunchy and sweet!

Of course, it is a limited-edition flavor. That always means that I will love it and will be super sad once it is gone from the store shelves.


So far the chips have been spotted in Kroger stores and I’m not sure if it is exclusive to Kroger or not. Thankfully we have one right around the corner!


I feel like they’re going to be really good! Chocolate covered potato chips are delish, I bet covering these in chocolate would make a great holiday treat! Maybe even sprinkle some roasted sea salt on top of them after covering them in chocolate!


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