This Doctor Recreates Surgeries Using Play-Doh To Educate Her Kids and It’s The Coolest Thing Ever

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Being a homeschool mom this hooked me in right away! Then I got to thinking that this is beneficial for all kids, and even us adults as well!

The Breakfasteur

Seriously, think about it. All of the educational parts, without the blood and gore of real surgery. Play-Doh is totally not gory! It’s freaking brilliant!

The Breakfasteur

Not all parents feel the same though. In fact, some people were like… what if the kid tries to do the surgery on someone… Y’all, c’mon! EDUCATION!


On YouTube, she goes by “The Breakfasteur” and you bet your butt I subscribed after watching my first Play-Doh surgery! It happened to be a c-section and man, I’m feeling a bit empowered right now!


Using Play-Doh she has taught her son and all of her viewers about so many things. From a c-section to a hernia repair! Yes, she is a doctor that is a mom and loves to teach kids about this stuff.


Dr. Jessica is one of my favorite people now! Now, if you’re a c-section mama you can use this video to show your kids how it works. She walks her young son through the surgery using a plastic knife and other craft type objects.

The Breakfasteur

The c-section even has “amniotic fluid” that needs to be suctioned while the procedure is performed. I’m going to go watch more over on her YouTube channel.

The Breakfasteur

Check out the Play-Doh c-section video below and let me know what you think! Am I weird for thinking it’s awesome?

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