The Perfect Ohana Meal Is Meant To Be Made In This Stitch Slow Cooker

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You can now get a Stitch slow cooker, and it is absolutely adorbs. Experiment 626 is in the kitchen to stir up all kinds of fun and excitement!

This light blue slow cooker has a big 7-quart capacity, which is awesome. I’ve been burned before — well, not BURNED per say, but disappointed — because I got a slow cooker that had a smaller capacity, and there wasn’t enough room to make food for my whole family!!

7-quarts is the PERFECT size for making ALL the slow cooker things — whether it’s POT ROAST, or SLOW COOKER CHICKEN, SLOW COOKER CHILI, or anything of the slow cooker variety!!

Stitch may not have the patience for a slow cooked meal, but this Lilo & Stitch slow cooker makes the wait worth it! This 7-quart cooker features removable stoneware, adjustable heat control, a tempered glass lid, and an adorable pattern of Stitch with pumpkins, ice cream, strawberries, and more! 


If you are a huge fan of Stitch, like my family, this will make dinner even more fun! My kids, who are the pickiest eaters on earth, might even eat a dinner out of a slow cooker, as long as Stitch is all over it!


Stitch’s slow cooker has a dial, that lets you turn the temperature from High, to Low, then Warm, and Off. Easy peasy! No complicated controls to try to figure out; just a simple turn of a knob.

As with most slow cookers, this Stitch variety comes with a stoneware piece that comes out for easy cleaning. Here is a tip for you — don’t put this stone piece in the dishwasher. Wash it out by hand.

This Chef Stitch slow cooker has images of Stitch with his chef’s hat, and then a bunch of pictures of Stitch eating all the things — Ice cream, Strawberries, Pumpkins, Apples.


You can get your OWN Stitch slow cooker on the BoxLunch site. It runs $40, with my FAVORITE part — FREE SHIPPING!!

This would go GREAT with all the DISNEY things in my kitchen!!!

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