These Halloween Sugar Cookie Earrings Are the Cutest Way to Dress Up for Spooky Season

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Spotting Pillsbury’s pumpkin and ghost sugar cookies in grocery stores are an easy way to tell that spooky season, is just around the corner.

The only problem is that these cookies are seasonal only, which means you can’t purchase the sweet treats year-round, even though we all wish we could.

Thanks to Etsy shop owner @TheMessyCrafters, you may not be able to bite into a pumpkin sugar cookie from Pillsbury in the middle of July, but you can certainly wear them!

@TheMessyCrafters has created Halloween sugar cookie earrings that look identical to Pillsbury’s iconic ghost and pumpkin decorated sugar cookies.

Courtesy of @Rachel T

Handmade, and not baked of course, these earrings are the perfect way to dress up for fall!

So if you’re the type to prepare for spooky season early each year (because who doesn’t), these earrings are a great way to get you in the Halloween mood, even during the heat of the summer.

Courtesy of @TheMessyCrafters

You can count on each earring set to include the smiling orange pumpkin sugar cookie and the waving purple ghost.

Courtesy of @TheMessyCrafters

Each set of earrings are available in several different sizes for the perfect fit, and you can even choose between a stud or a dangle depending on your own preference.

And if you don’t have your ears pierced, no problem!

Courtesy of @TheMessyCrafters

These unique earrings are available in clip-on versions as well!

So if you’re wondering where you can snag a set of sugar cookie jewelry for your ears, you can currently find the Pillsbury look-alike earrings only on Etsy.

Courtesy of @Caroline DeMasi

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