Pepsi Officially Brings Back Their Popular Pineapple Flavored Soda

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Pineapple on pizza? Try pineapple with Pepsi instead.

Whether or not you believe pineapple should be a topping on pizza, the Pepsi brand has made their opinion clear.

Pineapple layered on top of pizza is a must for the soda brand, considering their iconic pineapple flavored Pepsi is back in stock!

The unique flavor was which was originally released a couple years back and was a hit in stores, has officially returned with a new look!

Courtesy of Pepsi

Although finding new can of fruit flavored cola to stock in your fridge might be harder to toss in your grocery cart this time around.

Featuring the same taste of pineapple mixed with cola, the new Pepsi Pineapple is apart of a new combo deal over at Little Caesars dubbed the Pineapple Pair-Up Combo.

Courtesy of @tmc_reviews

The new promotion includes a two-topping thin crust pizza and a 16-ounce can of the newly decorated can of pineapple soda.

And if you want my advice, opt for pepperoni and peppers when it comes to choosing your two toppings on your pizza because I believe, pineapple does not belong on pizza!

Courtesy of PepsiCo / Little Caesars

However, if you do prefer the taste of pineapple on pizza (no judgement here), you’ll most likely enjoy the pineapple flavored cola which can only be ordered through the Little Caesars app or online for less than ten bucks!

Courtesy of PepsiCo / Little Caesars

“Little Caesars fans appreciate great flavor and whether they like pineapple on their pizza or not, we’re confident Pepsi Pineapple will be unapologetically enjoyed by their customers everywhere,” said Chief Marketing Officer of PepsiCo Global Foodservice, Scott Finlow in a recent press release.

Scott Finlow
Courtesy of @sodaseekers

The pineapple flavored releases at Little Caesars next week, on July 17!

Will you be stopping by a Little Caesars to grab a Pepsi Pineapple? Let us know in the comments!

Courtesy of PepsiCo / Little Caesars

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