Kristen Bell Posted Videos Of Her Girls Singing And It’s The Cutest Thing On The Internet

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Kristen Bell is every mom — except, you know, she’s super-famous, has a famous husband, and lives the life we all think we want.

With her kids, though, she’s just a regular mom, like the rest of us.

She finds ways to keep her girls safe.

She loves on them, and eats up that mommy time.

She even makes normal trips to the emergency room when they get hurt.

But, perhaps the cutest, and MOST MOM-LIKE-THING out there is when she records her daughters singing for us all to see! Watch as her daughter screeches through Let It Go.

My favorite Kristen Bell ‘mom moment’ has the be when she is trying not to laugh as her daughter belts out the CUTEST rendition of Lizzo’s Good As Hell on the way to school in the car.

I mean, how many times have I been there myself!! It might not be quite age appropriate, but the kids don’t know that — which makes it oh-so-much-more funny.

Her daughters must get their love for music from their mama. We all know Kristen Bell plays Anna in the Disney film Frozen. The girl can SING!

Being famous, and having famous friends has its perks, too. Her daughter even got to sing one of Ben Platt’s song right to Ben, himself!

How sweet is that!!

I hope we get to hear a lot more from her daughters, because it’s just about the cutest thing out there!

Are you as ready as I am to see Kristen Bell in Frozen 2? I can’t wait!

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