Spring Nail Trends Alert! Dry Marbling is SO EASY!

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I am so totally in love with water marbling for nails, but I am terrible at it! So I have come up with a way to get the water marbled look without actually having to use any water.

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How To Get Dry Marbled Nails: (Which if you ask me are way better than water marbled nails!)

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To get this spring nail art look, you need toothpicks, parchment paper, awesome Spring nail colors like Essie’s serial shopper, i’m addicted, sitting’ pretty, and vices versa, and Revlon’s bubbly. These are really vibrant neon shades, so your nails will look fabulous for spring.  If you don’t have parchment paper, I have done this with wax paper, and even a plastic baggie. (But aluminum foil does not work. It’s tears too easily.)

Drop some polish onto the parchment paper in all different colors. You want the colors to be touching, and make sure it’s pretty thick. This will take longer to dry, but be WAY easier to peel later. Trust me!

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Stir the polish around with a toothpick to give it that marbled look. If you are using a lot of colors, be careful not to over stir. Less is more here, people!

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Make enough of these little blobs for all ten of your fingers. (I have tried to do them all in one big blob, but that takes FOREVER to dry, and then you are constantly worried about it ripping and folding over onto itself. It’s much easier to work with several small paint splatters!)

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Let them dry. I don’t mean like “still a little tacky dry” or anything. I mean like let these bad boys dry overnight to make sure they are super duper uber dry. While you are waiting on them to dry, go ahead and paint your nails white, or another light base coat, that way the neon colors will really pop.

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When they are dry, You can just peel the polish right off the parchment paper. It will be really thin, so be careful!

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Now, stick the paint blob down onto your nail and trim the edges. File off any excess with a coarse nail file, and seal it all with a fast drying top coat. You officially have the coolest spring nails EVER.

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I love love love how these turn out, and they are SO easy to do. You have to be careful not to rip them, and make sure you seal the WHOLE THING with a top coat or else the edges will peel up a bit.

Neons are so in this spring. But aren’t they always. I love when you start seeing those bright pops of color on everyone’s nails and you just KNOW it’s spring time! I am loving the corals. I want to use that color on my nails EVERY DAY!

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  1. This is awesome! I’ve never seen this method before but I love it. I am going to try this when I do my nails next 🙂 #client

  2. Oh my goodness that is so cool!!! I’m going to share this with my Pinterest followers!

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