‘Sock Curls’ Are Back Thanks To TikTok and I’m Giving It A Try

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We are all stuck inside, so it’s no wonder that we are taking to TikTok and Instagram for all of our new beauty, dancing, food, and drink trends.

We even spend WAY too much time looking through TikTok and Instagram posts for videos and pictures of super-cute animals.

This “new” trend, however is really an OLD way to style hair, but it has made a comeback of sorts, as people are bored out of their minds, and trying different things on their hair.


Rag curls is what this viral trend was originally called. People used this method of curling hair before we had modern tools, like curling irons.

Courtesy of @jadarxse on TikTok

Instead of rags, this new version uses socks, but it’s the same idea.


You braid, or tie, socks into your damp, detangled hair. Then you sleep with these socks in. When you wake up, your hair should be dry and ready to go.


It is important that your hair be DRY, before you move on.


HERE IT IS!! i also always do it on wet hair and the curls pretty much last all day even in fl humidity ! ##foryou ##foryoupage ##fyp ##sockcurls

♬ still woozy . goodie bag – jennedy.mp5

Once your hair is completely dry, unbraid the socks from your hair.


Soooo I tried the whole curling your hair with socks trend, WTF ?? ##houseoftiktok ##fyp ##foryoupage ##xyzbca ##sockcurls ##curls

♬ Supalonely (feat. Gus Dapperton) – BENEE

You should come out with bouncy, beautiful curls.


Tutorial on how i do my “sock curls” ##foryou ##hairtutorial ##hair ##viral ##fyp

♬ original sound – traziarae

The tighter you braid your hair onto the socks, the tighter the curl will be. In turn, the more LOOSE you braid your hair around the sock, the more your hair will take on the look of beachy waves.

Courtesy of @traziarae on TikTok

Celebrity hair stylist, Justine Marjan, even got into the act on her Instagram and her TikTok pages. Of course, her hair turned out BEAUTIFUL.


It is an EASY way to get gorgeous hair, and you should TOTALLY try it for yourself!



♬ original sound – harleyythomas

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