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‘Weird Girl’ Aesthetic Is The New Fashion Trend And It’s A Whole Vibe

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The ‘Weird Girl’ is the new fashion trend made famous on TikTok and Twitter, and it’s a whole vibe.

Now THIS is an aesthetic I can get behind. Literally, without even trying.

You might be thinking, “What the — ?”

Now, hang with me. It’s an actual thing. I promise. Even celebrities are getting into it. (I’m looking at YOU, Bella Hadid.)

This style trend comes to us partly from the Harajuku fashion that we saw in the late 90s and early 2000s.

But, the ‘weird girls’ aren’t stopping with the clothing trend made popular on the streets of Tokyo way back when.

They are taking the outrageous fashion of the Harajuku, and coupling it with terribly mismatched textures and styles.

It’s like they are trying so hard to be ‘ugly,’ that they are actually coming around to a new style.

The “weird” girl seems to be trying [all the core aesthetics] all at once.

Yahoo Life

How Do You Get The ‘Weird Girl’ Look?

First, throw everything you know about traditional fashion out the window.

Now, go to your closet, and get all the things. I mean, ALL OF THEM.

Think it’s too weird? Perfect!!

As Grazia points out, this ‘weird girl’ style is “colourful, extravagant, and liberating.”

If you can’t find anything weird enough you can definitely hit up your local thrift store.

Go crazy.

This trend lets you mix every single fashion aesthetic you’ve ever heard of into one seamless-ish outfit.

Mix colors, fabrics, styles, textures — there are really no rules.

Colourful accessories, rainbow knit-wear, plaid mini-skirts, bomber jackets, animal prints, statement bags, and bow clips, you name it, and the trend has it all covered. 


What do you think? Are you brave enough to try the ‘weird girl’ thing?

Want A Head Start On The 'Weird Girl' Aesthetic?

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