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Here’s How To Make The Viral Gift Explosion Boxes That Are Perfect For Valentine’s Day

This is the CUTEST idea ever for Valentine’s Day.

Well, I mean, you could use it for any gift giving holiday — birthdays, Easter, Valentine’s Day, whatever!!

Check this out!

It’s called an explosion box, and you can fill it with so many things!! It’s so cute!

You basically start with different size boxes with lids.

They are called nesting boxes, and you can find them on Amazon or Walmart.


Basically, the idea here is to layer the boxes inside of one another.

You start with the smallest box. Cut along the edges, so it sort of unfolds when you take the lid off.

Here you are going to put your “big” gift. It can be money, jewelry, concert tickets, or even the keys to a car — the sky’s the limit!!

You can use double sided tape to attach gifts to the flaps that fold down and to the inside bottom of the box.

Then you are going to get the next box. Cut along the edges just like you did with the smaller box.

Use your double sided tape to stick small gifts to the flaps. Candy works great here.

Grab your next box. Do the same thing as you did with the previous two boxes.

If you have more boxes, keep assembling them in the same way as the previous boxes.

When you’re all done attaching your gifts to the box flaps, nest them inside of each other.

Make sure you put all the lids on the boxes as you close them up.

Now, when you are ready to give the gift, check out what happens.

As the person opens up the lid of the box, the sides unfold, revealing the prizes inside and the next box.

It’s an explosion of fun!!

Side Note: Wouldn’t this make the cutest idea for a wedding proposal!!!

You can even use photos, and make it a photo explosion box!!