For Those Rockin’ The Selfie: I Salute You

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I suck at selfies, and it’s complicated.

It’s more than being self conscious about my appearance. Yes, My Dad’s nose looked great on his face. Not so much on mine. But I am ok with that. Also, It’s not just about being insecure about my out of control eyebrows, or my laugh lines. I am actually quite comfortable being me. So while these things may keep me from blasting pics of myself all over social media, my issues with taking selfies is a little more complicated than that.

rockin' selfie

For Those Rockin’ The Selfie: I Salute You

I Am A People Pleaser

No, this does not mean I will schedule plastic surgery to correct every flaw that the general public will point out, it means that I am constantly seeking approval from my peers. Not to be confused with fishing for compliments, I simply need to have my friends and family swoon over me and all my good lookedness.

I Feel Ridiculous. Completely and Utterly Ridiculous

I mean who takes their own picture? This goes through my head over and over again…I have this notion that we take photos to remember fun, interesting and or memorable times. We take pictures of our friends, our relatives, places we visit and really cool things we may see. And sometimes we take photos for documentation and proof. I just can’t prove to myself that taking my own picture falls into any of those categories.

I Feel Even Sillier Asking Someone Else To Do It

My circle is a small circle, and we are just not click happy with the phones and cameras. Maybe it’s a generation thing? Or a digital vs 35mm thing. Growing up we didn’t ‘waste’ pictures. You only had 12, or for special occasions 24 and for a real hootenany you got the roll of 36 exposures. At any rate,  I just don’t ever hear the words “can you take a picture of me for facebook” ever exiting my face.

And Why Does This Even Matter

So, like any rational person, you might be thinking, ‘ok lady, you don’t do selfies. So don’t do selfies ‘  And I love you for it! But here’s the rub, another little complication that I cooked up, is that for any and all social media, I feel like my profile pic should be a true representation of myself. A current photo. And there’s more. I watch all of your pictures changing, and I feel an almost envy at watching the changes in your faces, styles, etc over the years. I don’t have that of me. So when my kids grow up and want to see pictures of me, it’ll be more difficult for me to show them. That’s probably the biggest thing in this: you all have so many great memories to pass on, while I’d struggle to find even one.

And so it is with great pain and discomfort, and with mortifying embarrassment that I set out to take a selfie atleast twice a year. I never get it right the first time, and I am stuck with a dozen unflattering pictures of myself constantly popping up at me as I fumble with my phone that outsmarts me day after day. I don’t know if I’ll always post these pictures to social media, but at least I’ll have them. A record. Something to show I was here.

Anybody else feel this way about selfies? Or are you rockin’ the Selfie?

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