‘Glitter Tires’ Is The New Car Trend That’ll Bring A Little Sparkle Everywhere You Go

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Yay for glitter!

Now, if you ask my husband, glitter is a NO GO in our house but can he really say no if I give him those big puppy eyes? Yeah, I think not.

So, when I heard that ‘Glitter Tires’ were a thing, I knew I had to have them!!

Now, I’ll be honest, I totally thought this was some sort of internet joke but to my surprise, it’s not.

It is actually a tire paint that you apply with an applicator. It is a non-permanent, washable tire paint to give your tires a glittery shine.

The best part is, it lasts 4 to 6 weeks!! You can drive around looking like a flashy princess in your ride as long as you want!

It is easy to apply and easy to remove and it gives your car that little bit of extra shine and sparkle.


You can get Glitter Tire Spray Here on Amazon for around $50.00. Yes, I know pricey but hey, it’s a one-of-a-kind look!

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