We Eloped! And You Totally Should Too

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Here it is. Your wedding. Mr. or Mrs. Perfect-For-You popped the question, and you said, “yes!” One of the most important days of your life, and you want it to be perfect…Perfecter than perfect.

Before I go any further, let me be the first to offer you some big whopping congratulations! Wouldn’t it be completely fabulous if you could have your perfect day, and not have to spend the rest of your adult life paying off the loan you are going to have to get in order to have your perfect day? Or how about if you could avoid all of the drama and meddling that inevitably comes when you have a great big fat wedding? Oh, and I know, wouldn’t it be super cool, if you had a really interesting story to tell all of the people you are ever going to meet about how your wedding was the funnest day of your life, and it wasn’t because you watched your drunk aunt try to walk through a closed patio door?

Well, here’s what you gotta do. Call your travel agent, or open up another tab in your Web browser, and order up a trip for two to Vegas. That’s right folks, the answer lies in the age old non-tradition of eloping.

vegas wedding

We Eloped! And You Totally Should Too

It’s Way Cooler

Seriously. I tell people we eloped in Vegas,  and they are all like ‘ wow. You guys are so cool’. And even if they are being sarcastic, I still get to tell people about how we got married at a secluded mountain look out, stayed in a luxury five star hotel, ate like kings, and lounged by the pool. We had one guest show up, a curious passer by, clad in purple motorcycle leathers, wondering what the people in the fancy SUV were doing.  Isn’t that way more interesting than ‘Ack! The Mother of the Groom wore white! Off white really, but still white!’

It’s Entirely Personal

Nothing gives elite status like a private ceremony. It is also just a really nice way to celebrate your future life with your spouse.  When you elope you and the person you are marrying are the only people you need to worry about before, during and after the ceremony. No seating arrangements, no bridal party attire disasters, nobody to fuss over other than yourselves.

It’s Tons Cheaper

I kid you not. Eloping is way, way cheaper. You can have your entire wedding for a fraction of what some people pay for their wedding dresses. Bizarre! In fact, we spent so little on our wedding, it costs us more to go to other people’s weddings!  And that right there is a hard pill to swallow, lemme tell ya.

Seriously. Spend the money on your future, your home, an amazing vacation, education…anything that will give you long lasting gratification. Spend the time planning the party of your life, not the party of your wedding.

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