Princess Cruises Just Suspended All Sailing Due to The Coronavirus

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Recently the Coronavirus has put a halt on a lot of events lately. Between schools shutting down, sports events being cancelled and the entire population being on high alert, we’ve just got news that Princess Cruises has stopped all sailing.

Just shortly after the U.S. State Department put out a warning recommending people not to travel on cruise ships during the outbreak,

Princess Cruise ships has announced that they will no longer be sailing.

To be more specific, the 18 Princess Cruise ships will stop sailing for at LEAST two months due to two of the ships testing positive for the Coronavirus.

A statement from the Princess Cruise ships was included, “Anyone currently on board a Princess Cruises trip that’s scheduled to end in the next five days will continue to sail as expected through the end of the itinerary so that onward travel arrangements are not disrupted.” “Any trips currently underway that go beyond March 17th will be ended at the most convenient location for guests, factoring in operational requirements.”

Courtesy of Princess Cruises

Carnival Corporation who owns Princess Cruises, will be offering passengers cash refunds or credit for a future cruise. The company also mentioned that they will be giving passengers a “generous future cruise credit benefit” that has yet to be specified.

The Princess Cruises’s Diamond Princess ship was one of the first ships to be caught in the crossfire of the virus outbreak.

“Never in our 55 years, and certainly not in the 20 years I have served in this company, have we been tested in the ways we have been tested over the past 40 days,” said President Jan Swartz.

To read up on more statements from Princess Cruises, you can visit their website here to keep up to date.

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