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10 Simple Recipe Ideas For That Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey

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I’m going to admit. I’m not a huge fan of turkey. I usually buy a big ol’ bird, spend hours cooking it, and then 3/4 of my family won’t eat it. *Sigh*

There is no way I CAN’T make turkey, because I think my husband would die if there wasn’t turkey breast to eat with Thanksgiving meal.

But, that leaves a little problem, because there are always HELLA leftovers every single year. That stupid bird carcass just sits in the fridge for a week while the turkey eaters in the family pick it to death.

I usually don’t get all fancy with the leftover bird, because — well, honestly — I’m lazy.

That changes this year, because I am getting prepared. I have compiled a list of easy things to do with that leftover turkey meat that I might actually enjoy.

10 Super Simple And Yummy Ideas For That Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey

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