Baby Foot Is A Foot Peeling Treatment Like No Other

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Does Baby Foot really work? Yes, yes it does.

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I live in flip flops, which means I have the most dry, cracked feet of all time. Foot care is a really big deal to me. Every time I go in for a pedicure I get asked, “Do you want the callus remover?”

And it works okay, but nothing gives me baby soft feet like Baby Foot foot peels. (You can find them on Amazon here.)

What Is Baby Foot?

Baby foot is a foot care product designed to slough dead skin cells off your feet over a period of a week or so. It’s a fruit acid mixture with 17 types of natural extracts.

How does Baby Foot work?

Basically, you put on these little lavender scented plastic booties full of the baby foot treatment.

You soak your feet for an hour or so while you sit and watch some tv or check your email or whatever.

If you want to walk around while your feet are soaking, you can put socks over the booties, but I usually just sit with my feet in them.

After an hour, you take off the booties wash your feet.

When you take the booties off, you’re going to be kind of disappointed, because absolutely nothing is going to happen. But don’t freak out, because in two or three days, the layers of dead skin on the soles of your feet will start to peel, and peel and peel.

Don’t plan on wearing sandals for these days, it will make for some embarrassing moments when your foot skin basically falls off at dinner.

I found that out the hard way, you’re welcome.

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It takes a week or so of peeling, (even the tops of your feet are going to peel and your pedicure will be wrecked.) When you’re done, you have the softest smoothest most magical feet of all.

Oh, and don’t do back to back baby foot treatments either. It’s best to wait 2-3 months in between them so you can really let that old callous skin build up.

Get your Baby Foot Foot Exfoliant Here.

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  1. I have psoriasis on the bottom of my feet and palms of my hands. I know the cracks and callouses will come back, but if I could have feet like that, even for a couple of weeks, I’d be grateful. I’m just worried about using the product on my skin. Any one else with psoriasis used this?

    1. @Leona, I have not this brand but works great .mine started shedding after 2 or 3 days and it lasts for about a week but afterwards my feet were very soft even my cuticles looks great. They sale same thing online everywhere and in stores $4 or so just different brand same result.

  2. Hi if you have big callus on both ball of feet will it work

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