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5 Ways Clutter Will Take Over Your Life!

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I am laying in my nice, cozy bed. My blankets are pulled up and over my ears like I prefer, and the house is quiet with sleep. Unfortunately, I drank about a gallon of iced tea before bed, so my bladder is calling in the most urgent way. I sit up, sleep still rolling off my body, ease the blankets off my cozy, warm legs, and prepare to make the dreaded midnight-walk to the bathroom.

I turn my legs to dangle off the bed before I get up, unsteady from slumber. It’s then I see it: there is so much clutter between me and the door, it’s going to be hard to walk through it without tripping. The kids have struck again. It seems that toys and clothes have just precariously been tossed to and fro IN MY ROOM. Heaven help me if there is a lego piece on the floor. I may be permanently disabled by a little piece of plastic used to build things. I think it’s time to admit it: clutter is taking over my life.

5 Ways My Clutter Is Taking Over My Life

I make it to the door unscathed, but now look at the hall! Are those couch pillows from the front room? And, how are there even more children’s clothes discarded in the hall, obviously done in mid run? I only have two kids, last time I checked. There are enough dirty clothes strewn about to dress an entire soccer team. How?

The bathroom is no better. Not only has the toothpaste been left out, it is dripping from the bathroom counter to the floor. There are (surprise!) both kids’ toothbrushes left out on the sink, along with a few action figures. On the floor are discarded tennis shoes, along with ballet slippers, and about ten tub toys. Thrown over the wooden door are damp towels. I cringe thinking about what that’s doing to the wood.

I almost forget I have to pee. I am so caught up by the clutter, I forgot about my screaming bladder. I don’t know why I’m amazed by all of this. It’s not like it’s an isolated incident. It is like this daily. I have a gleam of hope, a secret wish, that SOMEBODY will help with the clutter, but it never happens. I’m drowning, and I can’t see the surface to rise and catch my breath.

As I kick my way through the bathroom, and sit on the toilet to do my business, I think of the top five ways clutter is taking over my life.

1. The couch pillows. Yes, we have quite a few throw-pillows that go on the couch. I freely admit I might have gone a bit overboard in the throw-pillow department. The thing is, though, I think I have told the kids (and husband) that the pillows go on the couch, or in our big comfy chair in the front room, about a million and one times. So why … God Why?!? … are they constantly on the floor all over the house. It’s not like they don’t realize they are dragging the pillows away from their home base. They have to be intentional when taking them. So why? This is an easy fix for them. Just flipping put them where they go. It takes two seconds!

2. The clothes. The laundry basket is literally smack in the middle off the hall. The clothes are everywhere but in the basket. Is this a game of Drive Mommy Crazy? I think maybe!

3. Little things like the bathroom sink. Why is the toothpaste not put away, let alone dripping to make Picasso-esque designs on my bathroom tile (okay, linoleum)? Take the toothpaste, and the toothbrush being used, lift your hand eight inches, and put them away in the medicine cabinet. Not hard. Then, take your dang toys with you!! Once you’ve mastered that, we’ll work on cleaning the toothpaste-spit out of the sink *gag*.

4. Wet towels on the wooden door. Nevermind that wet things warp wood, there is a towel bar, not being used, right behind the door. This confounds me. They would rather take the time to try to fling the towel over the door, than to just use the dang towel bar. I don’t get it.

5. I’ve saved the best for last: WHAT ARE KIDS TOYS EVEN DOING IN MY ROOM? They don’t come in my room to play, so why is half their toy arsenal in my room? I just don’t get it.

I can not keep up with the clutter. I’m only talking about the area from my bed to the bathroom. I can’t even think about the rest of the house. I have the shakes just thinking about looking at the mess that is inevitably their room. I asked them to clean it today. Raise your hand if you think anything was done. It looks like mommy is going to spend a useless, thankless afternoon cleaning up tomorrow, just so we can do this mayhem all again the next day. Oy. Adulting sucks.


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