Do Not Watch Season 4 Of Veronica Mars

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If you haven’t watched the new season of Veronica Mars on Hulu yet, I beg of you, don’t watch it. Trust me… no good will come of watching it.

I was the MOST excited when I heard Veronica Mars was coming back. But this. This is a tragedy.

I promise to remain spoiler free, but there are some things you need to know.

Let me put it this way, you know how everyone says to stop watching Dexter at the end of season 4? That Dexter would have been one of the best shows of all time if it had ended right there?

That is exactly how this is.

They took a strong, head smart, tenacious, vibrant woman and ripped her away from us all for the sake of an unnecessary tragedy in the last ten minutes.

Why? Why was this overused trope even necessary? Why did Kristen Bell even agree to this season?

(She did, however decide to stay off the internet once it aired. I don’t blame her. She knows what she did.)

It’s not just that the season’s first four episodes drag along at glacial speed, because they do. We are talking polar ice caps melting before global warming was a thing slow.

It’s worse than that. They ruined the story. They ruined the show. They took our endgame away from us, and I just don’t know why.

We backed kickstarters. We’ve bought DVD boxed sets, we’ve shared this character with our daughters. And for what?

To be punched in the gut like this for no apparent reason? WHY? Why would Rob Thomas do this to us?

What did we ever do to you, Rob? How… how could you?

Guys, I am serious. Don’t watch it. It will not make you happy. It just won’t.

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