Veronica Mars Is Coming Back On Hulu ~ With Kristen Bell

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The rumor mill is flying and this time they hit on something awesome, Marshmallows, Veronica Mars is coming back– this time as an eight series run on Hulu.

And since Kristen Bell is reprising her role, it’s guaranteed to be just as awesome as we all want it to be. There aren’t a ton of details out right now, but what we do know is that it’s TIME for a show like this. Remakes are huge right now, and this show was never given it’s chance anyway. I mean, I still can’t believe the whole thing consisted of three seasons and a fan funded movie.

The thing is, Veronica Mars was smart, witty and took care of her own business back when all the girls were bopping around and letting the guys solve all their problems on television. And we can always use more kick-butt female characters that have their crap together. Oh, and if it weren’t for VM and crew, I never would have learned how to use a camera.

BRB binge watching the old stuff in anticipation.

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