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Netflix’s New Series Is About A Vegan Restaurant Owner Tricked Into Believing Her Dog Could Become Immortal

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If you’ve found yourself browsing Netflix trying to find something to watch, say no more.

Netflix has a new wild and insane true crime series that is a total must watch.

In fact, it has a score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes currently so that should speak volumes on how crazy good it is (emphasis on the crazy).


So, without giving too many details, the new series is about a well-known Vegan Restaurant Owner who meets this guy that is associated/knows Alec Baldwin.


Her name is Sarma Melngailis and owned an uber-chic New York hotspot called Pure Food and Wine.

After meeting the guy on Twitter in 2011 (named Shane Fox), Sarma started siphoning money away from her restaurant to give to Shane.


Shane basically brainwashes Sarma and tricks her into doing insane things like giving him over 2 million dollars AND he even convinces her that he can make her and her beloved dog Leon, immortal.

He claims all of this is to try to give her the life she wants.


Yes, I said immortal.

Basically, this guy is just insane and in every way, has a fake name, fake life, a gambling addiction, has a temper and yet also believes he has this cult or higher being family he answers to because he believes he is a higher being.

He literally refers to himself as “not human” and being in a “meat suit”.

Yeah, WTF.


Shane tells Sarma to do whatever he says because her dream life is right around the corner and this goes on FOR YEARS.

This is a limited series with 5 episodes and I swear every episode I was like, she really can’t be that dumb?


There are so many twists, turns and red flags. I just don’t get how someone could believe someone like Shane but it happens.


So, if you’re looking for something really weird, crazy and good to watch, go watch Bad Vegan on Netflix. You can check out the trailer below.

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