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NASA Says An Impending Solar Storm Could Cause A Months-Long ‘Internet Apocalypse’. Here’s What You Need To Know.

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What is happening here?!? This is not the news I wanted to start off a holiday weekend!

NASA is warning that solar storms are coming that may cause an “internet apocalypse,” and I’m simply not prepared for this scenario.

The word “cataclysmic” has been tossed around, and I don’t like that one little bit.

They are saying these powerful geomagnetic solar storms can disrupt high-frequency radio communications, GPS systems, and may also lead to a complete internet outage or shutdown.

OMG. I use my GPS for everything. I am about to be in so much trouble!

Can you just imagine what this is going to do to literally every business that uses any type of internet to function? Ugh.

We thought the supply-chain issues of the last couple years have been bad. This takes those issues and magnifies them times like a million.

We aren’t just talking about a little outage of a few hours. Nope. They are saying this could be a months-long ordeal.

According to USA Today, these storms could cause “billions of dollars of losses per day to the U.S. economy and impeding the production and supply chains for essential materials like food and medicine.”

Now, the upside here — the bright spot in a sea of darkness — is that these solar storms are not expected to hit imminently.

NASA is saying that if it does happen, it will be within the next decade. So it could be a few years.

Scientists at NASA are scrambling to find a solution to the problem. They have been studying solar flares, and trying to see how they might affect earth.

There was a study done two years ago that said “the chances of a storm triggering a cataclysmic internet outage are minimal.”

But, y’all. It could still happen, and we need to be prepared in case the worst case scenario happens.

They need to keep researching and studying these storms and their ramification on Earth.

Solar Storms Have Disrupted The Earth Before

This would not be the first time that a solar storm has created havoc on the earth.

Back in 1989, solar storms caused blackouts in Quebec that lasted up to 12 hours. And, that was BEFORE we had to deal with anything like the internet!

Even before that, in 1859, the Carrington Event was a solar storm that was so bad it caused fires at telegraph stations, and people were unable to send messages.

So, what I’m saying, a solar “apocalyptic event” would not be unheard of. It’s not out of the realm of possibilities.

As for right now, don’t panic. NASA is working hard to try to learn about and prevent such a thing from happening.

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