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Disney Is Getting Rid Of A Ton Of Movies In A Gigantic Content Purge

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My family pretty much lives on Disney+. There is just something so magical and nostalgic about almost every single thing on the streaming giant.

But, sometimes you have to get rid of the old to make way for the new. That’s exactly what they are doing in this case.

ICYMI, Hulu is dissolving later this year, and Disney will be picking up all of their content.

In preparation for this move, Disney is getting rid of some older titles that just aren’t performing as well as they could.

Not only is Disney axing dozens of streaming content on their own streaming platform, things are disappearing from Hulu in advance of this merger.

Some of this purge will be to remove movies where Disney has to pay licensing fees. This seems like a good way to proactively save a buck!

Now, some of the movies involved in the purge, it’s likely you’ve never heard of. Hence the reason they are going bye-bye.

Check out these titles, and see if you know them:

These movies debuted on Hulu last year, but just didn’t perform well. They are Darby And The DeadRosaline, and The Princess.

Disney is also getting rid of three specials: ABC’s Queen Family Sing-Along, The Bomber, and Together as One.

They have already given the ax to Willow, The Mysterious Benedict Society, Dollface, and other movies such as The One and Only Ivan. That last one is going to be rough for my daughter!

There are dozens of more titles that were involved in this purge — and there will likely be more cuts coming.

Check out Disney+ and Hulu to see if your favorite show or movie has been kicked to the curb.

BeeTeeDubs, According to Variety, “CEO Bob Iger told investors last week that the company expects to raise the price on the ad-free Disney+ tier later this year ‘to better reflect the value of our content offerings.'”


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