Starbucks Has A New Glass Mug That Is Shaped Like an Acorn To Celebrate Fall

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Starbucks is celebrating the first day of fall with a new glass mug! 

The trending coffee chain is making sure all of us coffee enthusiasts and latte lovers cheers are way into the cooler months, leaving behind sunburns, pool days, and beach hair.

Courtesy of eBay

Introducing the new acorn shaped mug, from Starbucks!

Courtesy of eBay

Perfectly sculpted like an acorn that often tumbles from trees left behind on the sidewalk, Starbuck’s new mug is colored like an autumn sunset during golden hour.

Courtesy of eBay

Topped with a dark brown and textured acorn shaped lid, this mug allows you to cover your hot teas or lattes so your caffeinated drink doesn’t cool down too quickly while sitting out on the front porch during the windy fall weather.

Courtesy of eBay

You can currently find Starbuck’s new golden colored acorn shaped mug on eBay for $50 this fall season.

Courtesy of eBay

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