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You’ll Be Able To See The Pink Supermoon In April, Here’s How!

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It’s almost time for April’s Supermoon! This supermoon is called the Super Pink Moon!

I am hoping for clear skies for a great view!

There is just something about sitting outside at night being able to stare at the moon.

So beautiful and relaxing we could all use a bit of beauty and relaxation, right?

April’s Supermoon isn’t actually a pink moon.

The reason they call it the pink moon has to do with how the timing corresponds with the ‘phlox subulata’ wildflower blooming.

But it sure would be amazing if it actually looked like the image below…

live_free_run_far – Instagram

If you want to take photos of the Super Pink Moon, grab your biggest lens available and a tripod.

Use your timer or a remote so that you don’t cause camera shake for the clearest shots!

thedollartreewitch – Instagram

When Can You See The Pink Supermoon?

You’ll be able to view the Pink Moon on Monday, Apr. 26th and it’ll be visible and reach its peak at 11:31 p.m. ET.

patopeters – Instagram

This year we still have plenty more full moons coming! Those include:

  • Flower Moon in May
  • Strawberry Moon in June
  • Buck Moon in July
  • Sturgeon Moon in August
  • Corn Moon in September
  • Harvest Moon in October
  • Beaver Moon in November
  • Cold Moon in December.
meteo_lazio – Instagram

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