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Coca-Cola Is Buying Everyone A Coke. Here’s How To Get Yours.

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Leave it to Coca-Cola, the most popular soda brand, to try and bring us all together during these crazy times.

During the pandemic, over 100,000 businesses had to either temporary or permanently close due to lack of business. With vaccines being issued and everyone starting to venture out into the world again, Coca-Cola has a plan to help out businesses.

In hopes of encouraging people to eat outside of their homes again, Coca-Cola is literally….buying everyone a Coke. According to Food and Wine, the company is offering everyone in the United States the chance to visit their favorite restaurant and get a free Coca-Cola drink.

You may be asking how exactly how this works. Up until June 15th, you can visit us.coca-cola.com/summer to register for a free Coca-Cola beverage.

People who sign up for online will receive an email on June 15th with details on how to get the free drink, which can be redeemed between June 17 and 21. According to New York Daily News, you will receive a code that can be scanned at any restaurant of your choice.

“We’re giving fans an incentive to revisit and rediscover restaurants reopening after a very tough year,” Kelley Emrey, Coca-Cola’s senior manager of foodservice channel strategy, said in a statement. “The restaurant business has been heavily impacted, so we want to do all we can to support them in this critical phase.”

According to Food and Wine, the free Coca-Cola products are being processed in the form of a $2.50 Mastercard Mobile Wallet credit that can be scanned at any restaurant that accepts card payments. Be sure to get your hands on your free drink before time runs out!

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